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All of Hagen's® fishing rods are hand crafted from only the finest IM6 graphite blanks made exclusively in the United States. Years of testing and development have come to produce one of the industry's most popular fishing rods. Sensitive, strong, and consistent, Hagen's® rods are landing new quality standards throughout the fishing industry.
You may also be interested in trying out new lures from our sister company, Willy Lures. They have a complete selection of fishing lures including spoon lures, spinner baits, and plugs. You can also request their very first fishing tackle catalog, which includes many great deals on some of Hagen's premium fishing rods.
**Please note that many handles have changed for the casting rods. All casting rods that originally had handle type 'E', are now using handle type 'C'.
20 pc. Original Willy Lure Assortment Kit
# S_WillyKitX

10 pc. Casting Spoon Assortment Kit | Sz: 6, 7, 8, 9
# S_SpoonKitX

20 pc. Fly Fishing Box Assortment
# S_14207